‘101%’ wants to express through the dance the embodiment of 

extreme passions and desires, represented by a vertical attraction towards

an unreachable point in the sky. In this sense, the dance is loosely

inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, as he ascends 

towards the burning sun.

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My Answere

This is a modernistic re-choreography of a performance by 

Kim Young-hee. As one of my early works, this piece presents 

my inner world in the form of a dance inspired by questioning a dancer 

"Why do you dance?" 

This may be a useless and meaningless question 

in a way but then raises a question to me: 

"Why do I dance?"

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Immortal life
 through passage of time

This piece considers how to accept the hurt 

and embrace the future in this page of growing anxiety and selfishness. 

Consisting of 3 parts, the show contemplates birth and death from 

the perspective of a Buddhist term, Samsara, 

which indicates the cyclicality of life.

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The Irrevocable Step Taken

Time passes.

Many short moments build a day.

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Without realizing

"Without realizing" tried to describe instinctively 

behaviors made unconsciously and the truth coming 

from the bottom of one's heart.

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Mind Through Silence

I send a knowing gaze as my mind stands in silence. 

"Mind Through Silence" embodies this very idea which has 

its origins in a Buddhist anecdote involving 

Buddha and his disciple.

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Standing on the path,

Whilst all things in this world are in motion

I alone still remain hunched in the dark underground.

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Where We Are

My own death in the reality - 

Fate Describe the people who finally give in to fate 

after wandering around between disbelief 

and resistance to one's own death.

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Now here

I make stop and look back.

I have come to a shadow of passing time in my recollection.

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Revealing Breath II

This dance work is based on the sprit of 

Buddhist ceremonial dance.

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